Building Bridges

Sore Legs

May 12th, 2017

running_0A memory popped up in my Facebook timeline today; the first duathlon I’d ever participated in 7 years ago. I had just spoken about this race and how sore my legs were during it (remembered it all by myself without Facebook’s help, how about that?) with a friend of mine a couple weeks back Read the rest of this entry »

Blind Spot

April 28th, 2017

blindspotMaybe you’ve had the same or a similar experience as this while driving; I was traveling in the far left lane of three lanes on the highway headed Read the rest of this entry »

It is what it is

October 7th, 2015

ItIsWhatItIsIn many ways, he is right. President Obama said the other day in the wake of another mass shooting that it is all “routine.” It happened again. Our response is routine. His words are routine. We go on. A routine. Read the rest of this entry »


August 24th, 2015

Cool JesusI’ve seen a trend in a number of social situations over the past several months. It is nothing new. It has been happening likely for over 2000 years. But it seems to have been growing in popularity Read the rest of this entry »


June 29th, 2015

AssumptionsThere are two assumptions I’ve seen many people (Christian or not) make about God.  First, most of us assume that the primary goal of God is Read the rest of this entry »