Pandemic Return Plan

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Hello Family!

The Leadership Team has worked hard to put together a clear, safe plan to move back into corporate worship in our building. These are guidelines we feel will best give The Bridge family a safe chance to worship together, while also respecting those who feel that it is not yet safe for them to do so. Let’s work together to be a family with one another, and to love each other well whether we choose to worship in the building or at home.

Our plan is to begin easing into corporate worship beginning May 10 (Mothers Day). We will begin at that time with Phase 1 on the chart linked below. Depending on how things go in the upcoming weeks and months in the community and region, we may need to choose to revert to closing public gatherings at the building until it is safe once again to return. We expect to be in Phase 1 for quite some time as the expected peak of the virus in our state is early or mid-June. The Leadership Team will keep you appraised of decisions on moving to a new phase or closing public gatherings, if necessary.

We made this chart to put deciding power in your hands. You know your situation, risk level, and comfort level better than anyone else. As more information becomes available, we may need to make changes to individual phases accordingly. We are strongly encouraging everyone to be respectful of the decisions of all our family members. Would you please review this chart so you can make the best decision for you and your family? If anything is unclear, please ask any member of the Leadership Team (Jon Iverson, Allen Hoekman, Tammy Leins, Laura Lea Relph, Matt Kleinsasser, Lee Gabel, Nate Yoder).

For those currently meeting in micro-house-groups, please let your host know what your plans are at your meeting this Sunday, so that we can be sure that everyone who would prefer to meet in a house group of 10 or less during this time can still do so. We are still working on details to see if we can live stream the service so the house groups can continue to meet at 10, or if we will need to record and upload to our YouTube channel on Sunday afternoon for these groups. Our preference is to live stream. But rest assured that one way or another, you can still join your family in worship online as we move forward.

Be a Witness,
Pastor Nate

Pandemic Return Plan – The Bridge

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