Service 4.19.2020

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Hi Family!

Below is the recommended order of service for today and associated links. As always, feel free to modify to suit your needs.   I’m already missing our time of communion together and looking forward hopefully to a time when we can be together soon!

Click here to access the service playlist

Recommended Order of Service

Announcements –
Have been added to the playlist for our service this morning. Please watch the first two clips on the playlist.

Worship in Music 
This is My Father’s World – Hymnal #58

Scripture –
Daniel 4 – A reading by people from our church family is provided in the playlist.  Feel free to watch/listen to it or to read it together in your house groups.

Worship in Music –
We Declare Your Majesty, by Malcolm du Plessis (1997 Marantha Music)

-HIs is mercy Is More, by Matt Papa & Matt Boswell

Prayer –
Take time to pray together with your house group.  Hold one another up by bringing burdens to God, praise and celebrate with each other the good things God is doing.  Pray the leaders in our community and beyond.

Worship in Music –
Holy Spirit, by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Sermon –
gods at War – god of Me
Daniel 4

Closing Worship –
At The Cross (Love Ran Red), by Matt Redman, Christ Tomlin & others


Sermon Notes
god of me
Daniel 4

Diagnostic Questions – (Who sits on the throne of my heart?)

Q #1: What ________________________________ me?

Nebuchadnezzar’s Response:

My Response:

Q #2: How do I define  ________________________________?

Nebuchadnezzar’s Response:

My Response:

Q #3: What is my source of ___________________________?

Nebuchadnezzar’s Response:

My Response:

Q #4: What is the ______________________________ of my life?

Nebuchadnezzar’s Response:

My Response:

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