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God Knows You

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Covid-19 Announcement

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Hi Family,

We are in unprecedented times.  All over the world, the Coronavirus is having varied effects and varied attempts at containment and slowing the spread of this thing are being tried. We see some people reacting in fear, hoarding resources and sharing doomsday scenarios.  While others, we see acting as if we have no responsibility in this and not changing anything even in the face of government requests to do so.  Now is the time for the church to be the church.  We have a difficult line to walk; not acting in fear, but also leading the way in diligent care for those most vulnerable to this disease.  (more…)

gods at war

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4.19.2020 – god of Self


4.5.2020 – god of money/success



3.29.2020 – god of Love


3.22.2020 – god of Pleasure

5 minute follow-up



3.8.2020 – Guard Your Heart



3.1.2020 – recording malfunction, sorry!